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God's kingdom is safe only in God's hands.  So his people can expect merciful frustrations to keep them from trying to 'save' themselves, and need their eyes opened to what…
The job of the Christian minister isn't to smile more - it is to be text-based, and Christ-centered, so that you treasure Jesus Christ above all other things.
The promises the LORD makes to his people, come through resisting the temptation to short-cut the path of faithfulness the LORD calls us to walk.
The LORD is providentially in control over all things to show mercy to his people.
"There is a fountain filled with blood, that flows from Immanuel's veins.  And sinners plunged beneath that flood, loose all their guilty stains."  What Christians have become, through the shed…
What life looks like when God's people forget God's Word.
The LORD's people are to continually to seek his mercy and to constantly see his past mercies to them.
What is a right response to the glorious LORD God  so that we might stand before his presence?
The LORD works for his own glory and to fulfil his good purposes.  We are not to think of our service of God as helping him out, nor can we…
The LORD is the Sovereign God over all things and over his church.  We cannot use God for our own purposes or rob Him of His glory, without bearing the…
The gospel of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen is the message of salvation through which sin is forgiven and we are reconciled to God.  The gospel of Jesus is also…
Jesus' kingdom is not from this world and therefore he rules over all things, including politics.
Jesus is the perfect Mediator, our faithful Prophet, true High Priest and powerful Shepherd King.
Jesus prays for the unity of his body, the church to be a visible gospel witness.
All those given by the Father to the Son in eternity past, joyfully receive the Word given to the Son to give to his apostles.
Jesus prays to His Father, that His Father would glorify Him that through His death, resurrection and exalted enthronement, He might manifest the glory of God His Father.
Because of Jesus death, resurrection and exaltation the Christian is assured that however hard or painful our suffering, an eternal morning of joy awaits.
Jesus leaves His disciples to be enthroned as the Lord over all who will pour out God's blessing upon the nations - the Holy Spirit who convicts and disciples.
An outline of plans to establish Christ Church Romford as a congregation of the International Presbyterian Church.
A psalm designed to test and search us.  Will we shrink away from God or invite him in?