What we believe

Getting an idea of what a church is really like, is very difficult on the internet, so please do come and join us on a Sunday morning to find out for yourselves – we can't wait to welcome you.

We are a group from Romford who are united in our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and our desire for others in Romford to know & love Him too.

We want to be a church where people feel able to invite friends along, whether they are Christians or not, confident they will hear the good news that Jesus is the King, through whom we have free access to come to God.

We are an Evangelical Reformed Church


We hold that the Bible is the very word of God – without error and sufficient to know how we are to know, love and enjoy the God who made us.

In the Bible God speaks with power and authority both to rescue people from our sinful rebellion and to build people up as mature followers of the Lord Jesus.


We hold that, left to ourselves, every one of us has failed to live as God demands which leaves us under His just condemnation.

We are saved from God’s just anger against us by God’s free grace alone (apart from any virtue on our part), through faith alone (apart from any effort of our own), in Christ alone (as the exclusive Saviour for humanity).

We are a confessional church, which means we gladly want to stand within the traditional doctrine of the Christian faith as expressed in the creeds of the early church and confessions of the 16th Protestant Reformation.

The Statement of Faith, expressing what we believe to be a faithful expression of Biblical teaching is the Westminster Confession of Faith, which can be found here.

Presbyterian – that is, we are a local church, associated with and accountable to a wider group of leaders from other like-minded churches, who have the authority to act in accordance with the Bible should our teaching or behaviour require it. We are a mission church of the International Presbyterian Church.

Worship with us

Whether you wouldn’t call yourself a Christian but you would like to find out more, or you're a Christian and you're looking for a church in your local area – either way we'd love to meet you…