What to expect


10:00 – classes for children and adults
10:45 – tea, coffee and cake
11:15 – whole-family church worship

A typical Sunday Morning at Christ Church Romford:

Our 10am Sunday School Classes run for both children and adults. The children’s class caters for 5-11 year olds and involves working through the Bible together, to encourage those of younger years to trust the living God. Our adult Sunday School class provides an opportunity to consider, discuss and pray about various doctrinal and practical issues that help us to live as God’s people.

After coffee and cakes from 10:45am, adults and children gather together for worship at 11:15am. The Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit calls us to worship Him and we do so as He desires, rather than according to our own preference.

Therefore we spend a good amount of our time reading and listening to God’s Word, the Bible. Each Sunday there is a sermon to help us better understand the Bible and how it applies to our lives.

Our God is worthy of praise and so we love to join together in songs of praise to Him. We sing a variety of psalms, traditional hymns and more contemporary songs that reflect the Biblical truths we are considering and express our gratitude and dependence upon God.

We worship the God who is Lord over all, who hears and answers our prayers as we approach Him through His Son, the Lord Jesus. We spend time each week confessing our sin and praying for forgiveness and help to live as God desires, for ourselves, our local community, nation and world.

Prior to His death for us, Jesus instructed his followers to celebrate His death and the benefits we receive from it through sharing the Lord’s Supper, also called Communion. We seek to share this meal every other Sunday morning.

We hope that whole families will learn to worship together and provide a learning sheet for children of primary school age to help them make the most of the sermon.


20:00 – Church Prayer Meeting

We believe prayer is vital and meet weekly to pray

God is the Sovereign Lord, over all things and therefore we meet for an hour in the middle of each week to commit our lives, church and the world into His good hands.

The venue can vary each week and is announced as we gather for worship on the previous Sunday.


David Thomas

David Thomas

David is the minister at Christ Church Romford.

He grew up in North Wales and became a Christian during his time at university. He did a Systems Engineering degree before working for nine years in the IT sector. David subsequently trained to be a church minister in London, before moving to Romford. David is married to Jenny, who was born and grew up in the East Midlands. They married in 1999 and have three children.