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Lament as thoughtful reflective grief.
God's wondrous story of our broken world and His glorious King.
The model the church follows in giving to the church and the mechanism of how the church gives to the church.
Hands reveal hearts, costs reveal values, and waste reveals worth.
The Lord who is God, cares that he is worshipped and cares how he is worshipped.
The direction of where worship should be aimed, and the pattern of what worship should look like.
The closeness of the forever King and the beauty of creation restored.
Before his enemies, Jesus rests in God's revealed provision and holds onto God's righteous purpose.
Those chosen by God are called to submission and suffering now as we await our future salvation at Christ's appearing. God has given his people, delegated shepherds go lead them…
Those God has chosen are called to innocent suffering, even as Christ suffered innocently. Christians are therefore not to be surprised, ashamed or distracted by suffering.
Those God has chosen are called to submit purposefully now, even as the Lord Jesus submitted to suffering.
The Church is a loving family of elect exiles that Christ redeemed, a spiritual temple made of living stones.  As living stones, the Church is made of people who believe…
The Church is a family whose Father is Holy. Therefore we are a family who fear our Holy Father and are feed with imperishable food.
As elect exiles we have an inheritance which is certain, a sure purpose for suffering, and guaranteed a future hope. All because of our future salvation through Christ.
Christians are "in this World not of this World". Therefore they must know who they are and how they are to behave.
The inescapable extent of God's judgement and the indestructible beauty of God's promise.
The sight, the feel and the fearfulness of being too late in turning back to God.
God's Mercy is long-suffering and, his reckoning is gracious and his Word is certain.

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