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Our Generosity is spurred when we think of: the source, attitude, principle and result of our giving.
Giving of our money is a sign of spiritual life and a sign of spiritual unity
All we have belongs to God.  We must identify as a steward not an owner and we are to give and use what God gives with thankfulness.
We need a rejected saviour and an enduring mediator
God tests us that we might show obedience to His word and provides for us in ways that make obedience possible
The people God redeems sing his praise for his great salvation.
Christ is the God Shepherd whose sheep know and obey his voice.
Our eternal destiny is affected by the way we see God since our view of God impacts how we live and relate with him.
By God's grace life and love in God's kingdom are extraordinary as we hear God's law rightly, obey God's law sacrificially and imitate God's love familially.
What does the good life in God's kingdom look like in a broken world?
The LORD God does all things for his own glory
No deliverance without redemption, no discipleship without remembrance
hteous judgement
God defeats Satan through the blood of the servant he has called
The LORD makes himself known to those who reject and those who accept him
As we trust in the blood of Christ, we walk by faith in obedience to God's Word
God powerfully fulfils all his promises in Christ, whom we proclaim through the weakness of gospel preaching
The God who is, does not need us and yet has made himself known that we might know him.
In our salvation we look to the God who saved the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
In our salvation we look to the God who saved the Saviour, Jesus Christ.