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God powerfully fulfils all his promises in Christ, whom we proclaim through the weakness of gospel preaching
The God who is, does not need us and yet has made himself known that we might know him.
In our salvation we look to the God who saved the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
In our salvation we look to the God who saved the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
We will fear something or someone - either we will fear the God who made us, or someone else.
God blesses his people as he promises, but often that blessing brings bitter circumstances.
The resurrected Christ rules in the midst of his church over death.

God providentially plans the desired destination and the painful path we travel on.
The tomb of Jesus is empty - Hallelujah!
The wickedness of the world and the weakness of God's people are both in the powerful hand of God.
Jesus is the King who rules over this world and the next
Be shrewd in holding out Christ in the relationships God has placed us in.
Without seeing who Christ is, we cannot see ourselves or our world clearly.
In following Christ we must walk with our eyes open, holding firm to the faith, ready to flexibly love others.
Christ gives shepherds to care for his sheep. Beware imposters who imitate and be ready to bear the privilege of suffering.
The church of the Lord Jesus should be the safest place in the world, but great damage comes to the flock when those who have been given for over them,…
What are the church to look for in gospel ministers?
The Kingdom of the Lord Jesus grows where faithful shepherds encourage Christ's sheep with his word
What does it mean for God to become man, and why should we celebrate it?