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Sin in so sinful because it disobeys God's Word, rejects God's character, surpasses God's truth, squanders God's blessings and forgets God's goodness.
We need to be washed from sin to be able to stand in God's presence.
The setting apart of Aaron and his sons as priests, speaks of our sin, our need for holiness and of a better priest, the Lord Jesus.
The priest's clothing point us to the mediation of our Great High Priest, the Lord Jesus. He bears the people on his shoulders. He bears his people on his heart.…
Humanity in sin is well and truly lost but thank God we have a Father who ensures that the lost are well and truly found.
God speaking to his people is not the same as God continuing with us. In the tabernacle we see God dwell among men to bring heaven to earth.
At advent God's promised Comfort is brought to our mind again. Jesus is the Messiah who brings and gives comfort.
The greatest thing man can do is to fellowship with God. In worship through the Lord Jesus Christ, God invites us to come up to eat and drink - to…

Social justice and worship of the One True God cannot be separated.
The Law God gives is intended for blessing not Salvation, for the real world, for Life and for Justice.
In giving the Law we see God's world under God's rule, God's glory and God's Image, God's perfection and God's wrath and triumphantly God's mercy and God's mediator.