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The exalted Lord Jesus is working amongst the nations to free those willingly enslaved in Satan's grasp, that we might belong to him and so become like him.
God calls his people to engage in mission with passion and prudence, aware of our own powerlessness to bear fruit.
Those God calls to be members of his family through faith in Christ are to live distinctive lives for him.
We cannot, nor do we need to, add anything to faith in the Lord Jesus for our salvation.
We need to put out trust in the Saviour who does not need to be saved
Both for unbelievers to whom we witness and for believers who seek to follow Christ, there are certain things we must know if we are to see gospel fruit.
Living wisely by God's Word in God's World
We are to rejoice at the life we have been given while we are able, before judgment comes.
The things we don't know, should inform how we hold the things we know in this life.
What is the wise way to live in this world where there is one thing certain and so many things uncertain.
Life in this world is limited. ¬†True wisdom is learning to love our mortal life as a gift from God, and let our limits cause us to long for our…
God works through his word when his people speak his word faithfully in difficult times.

The gospel of the Lord Jesus will bring division which means opposition and persecution for those who believe as they rejoice taking salvation to the ends of the earth.
Jesus is the focus of the story of all humanity, because Jesus answers the greatest need of all people.
We can be confident that in his good providence, our God will bring all his people safely home.
When God works in the world he sets apart people for ministry to make straight roads that point to Christ.
The exalted Lord Jesus builds his kingdom through his weak, needy, powerless people who pray.
What does it look like when the Lord's hand is with his people to build his kingdom?
We must look to our great God to keep us and not just those means he provides and protects us with.