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The kingdom of God grows gradually, spiritually and internationally.
The work Jesus Christ began by his life, death and resurrection, he continues through his Spirit and Word, to build his church.
Are we living as though we truly believe the LORD is God, our simply going through religious motions?
Biblical faith considers the reproach of Christ of greater wealth than the treasures our society has to offer, choosing to be mistreated with God's people than enjoy sin.
The Lord Jesus Christ will come again, embodied, to judge all people, who will receive what id due for what has been done in their body, whether good or evil.
We do not know when Christ will come again, but we know we need to be prepared for that day and that the time to prepare is today.
"Come, let us walk in the light of the LORD... Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?” – Isaiah 2.5,22
There are two distinct and independent kingdoms God has instituted to have authority - the Church and the State. Because they are distinct and independent the Church and the State…
God alone has absolute authority and bestows it upon men as servants. Because of this we must be subject to human authorities and there are times when we must defy…
Why gathering as church to worship our God is essential and not merely something that is helpful to do.
The Christian's confidence comes from what the Lord Jesus Christ has done as our Great High Priest.
The tragic end of Israel's king Saul, should cause us to lament, and long for the King we need, whom God has given.
Living by faith in Christ is consistently viewing ourselves and out lives as part of God's epic story, with all our trials and joys as merely brief chapters, rather than…
God's unbreakable mercy to his people will not give up on us, but has provided us with the blameless king that we need.
There is no situation as desperate as when God will no longer hear our calls to him or when he will no longer speak to us. How can we be…
In our weariness, it is right that we desire rest, but there are pitfalls to seeking rest apart for God's provision.
God's kingdom is safe only in God's hands.  So his people can expect merciful frustrations to keep them from trying to 'save' themselves, and need their eyes opened to what…
The job of the Christian minister isn't to smile more - it is to be text-based, and Christ-centered, so that you treasure Jesus Christ above all other things.
The promises the LORD makes to his people, come through resisting the temptation to short-cut the path of faithfulness the LORD calls us to walk.
The LORD is providentially in control over all things to show mercy to his people.