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What should be the focus of our prayers? Why is the focus of our prayers, often so different to those we read in the Bible?
If our greatest need is to know the Living God, prayer is the response of faith to knowing Him who is Father, Son and Spirit.

A Saviour who is betrayed for our salvation Love one another as the Saviour has been glorified A Saviour who saves us from our self-righteousness
Washed and Loved by Jesus
Why loving the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God prevents saving belief in the Lord Jesus.
We are called to die to seeking glory for ourselves as we follow the Christ who was glorified through His death.
How are you preparing for Jesus' death?

God works in ways that most reveal His glory.
Jesus works to as the Divine Christ to keep His Sheep, so that none God has chosen will be lost.
Guest speaker, Fran Newby
Jesus desires that his people be present with him to see his glory.
Christ was pierced for our transgressions and rose again in order to divide the spoils of his victory over sin and death with his people.
The Lord's Servant is an enigma, rejected by men but exalted by God.
Jesus is the obedient Lord's Servant we need to save us and whom we need to become like.
The Lord God calls his Servant in whom he will be glorified.
God unveils His chosen Servant in whom he delights, through the prophet Isaiah.
God is able to raise the dead shows himself as our comforter in the midst of trials and distresses.